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Re: One eye still blurry 2 days after Lasik

What was the sequence? He cut the flap first, did the actual lasik, replaced the flap, then re-cut it? That would explain a wedge, but sounds very odd. Did you mean he cut the flap, wasn't happy, re-cut then performed the ablation?

Having gone the knife route rather than "all-laser" (intralase/femtosecond/bladeless) it seems normal to take a bit longer for the flap to settle in - and I certainly had quite a noticeable change between the 1 day check and 8 day. (Left eye: 1 day check was "good enough for driving ... technically ... but probably shouldn't just yet", 8 day was "20/20, it's fine"; right eye is still a bit blurry, but not as bad as it was on day 1.)

Short version: from day 2, after a blade LASIK, things WILL still have a bit of improvement to go, and the 'wedge' reference should be harmless: if it means what I think it does, you probably have a slightly different shape of flap than intended, or you have a separate strip beside the main flap, but as long as it's properly positioned it should still heal up fine. (Most of that healing is in the first 24-48 hours, and that's the main thing they check for on the day 1 check: once the flap is OK, the actual sight should heal up over that week, which gets tested much more thoroughly at the 1 week check.)

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