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Re: Tingling/burning neuropathy with no loss of feeling

Originally Posted by penguinsfan View Post

My condition seems to vary a lot. It will go from no symptoms to a burning pain in my legs and elsewhere. Tingling and other paresthesia also happen. This morning was excellent until around noon when the symptoms flared up. They went away after I went for a walk.

The neuropathy seems to be aggravated by periods of sitting, especially driving. A hot bath or exercise, even moderate activity like working in the garage seems to alleviate it to a large degree.

I will consider a nerve biopsy. Thank you for your reply.
I did not say Nerve Biopsy, those are a bit risky and can do some damage, what I mentioned is a Skin Biopsy which looks at the level of nerve fibers in your skin and its much less invasive than a nerve biopsy some people get nerve damage from a Nerve Biopsy so avoid that.