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How do you tell if it's really asthma?

How do you tell the difference between asthma, a regular cough from being sick, and plain old-fashioned anxiety/neuroticism?

Today I had major coughing bouts every two hours or so, when I had a phone conversation, or talked to my husband, and when I cooked dinner for him. The cough was deep, long, impossible to stop until it decided to let up on its own, and felt very wheezy to me. And my chest hurt afterwards. Normally I'd use the inhaler if I felt like that and not think twice about it, but this was six times in one day! Since last week I'm on symbicort, ventolin, a cough pill, and levaquin. Shouldn't all that medication be preventing this? I'm having problems 2 to 4 hours after using the ventolin, and it's supposed to last 6-8. But if I'm sitting quietly at my computer I'm fine apart from the chest soreness. Does this sound like I need to take further action, or wait it out for a few more days? I don't want to be neurotic about it, but should I be worried?

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