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Re: She aint heavy Shes my mom-Support Groups out there?

Hello Matt, and welcome to our family of stroke survivors and those who love them. You certainly belong here with us, and we are so happy to have you.

As far as your question about support groups, there are groups available in most cities. I would suggest you contact the National Stroke Association, or the National Stroke Society for referrals to groups in your area.

On this site, we also offer support and encouragement for all family members of stroke survivors like yourself. The majority of our group are stroke survivors themselves, as well as other caretakers.

We also have a caregivers support board on the HealthBoards. To find that board, just go up to the top blue stripe, and click on "Find a Board". A list of all the boards will pop up and you can then click on the caregivers board if you with to check in there as well.

Being a caregiver is a very difficult job for anyone, and unless a person has done it, they do not have any idea of the demands it can put on a person, I fully agree that you need more time to yourself. It is very unfortunate that your family members have not come forth to help you. Perhaps you could provide them with a schedule that allows you the time you need to take for yourself. It is amazing how a few hours here and there can rejuvenate you, whereas without it, you can become at your wits end in a hurry.

I just lost both of my parents only 30 days apart, and I was left to care for both of then at the end, so I understand exactly what you are going through. My siser was no where to be found when I needed her either. I was lucky that my parents had wonderful friend in their neighborhood that were willing to come in for a few hours at a time to give me some time off, Perhaps you could consider that as well,

In closing, please feel free to post here anytime you like. You can use this forum any way you need to, whether it is to vent your frustrations, ask for advice or make suggestions for others, it is all yours to do with what ever you need it for,

I think you will find everyone here very nice and very understanding, All we want to do is help others go through something we have all been through ourselves. None of us ever had a similar place as this one, which is why so many of us come back for years to come. we have members here in all stages of recovery and of family members in recovery,

We are very happy you have found this very special place, and look forward to getting to know you and helping in any way we can.