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Re: Depression/Anxiety Kills

As the others said, my heart goes out to you in this moment of sadness.
From what you said, you tried to help him and he sought help. Sadly at times it does not help as with your son. Just know that no matter what you had done, he made the decision for himself to end his life. It is so sad that the suffering drove him to this. There are no words that anyone can say that will truly lift the sadness hanging over you. But try and remember the good times with him and understand that is it impossible to totally understand why he did what he did.

I still struggle to try and understand why my dearest friend, a person I truly loved, said goodbye to me and then took her life only hours later. I wonder why I did not know what she intended, but the reality is that no one could have stopped her and there was no way to know what she was going to do.
So I just remember my friend, my love and hope she has found peace, as I also wish for your son. And I hope you too will find what you need to remember him as the son you loved and enjoyed.
All my love to you.