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Re: Worried about possible mental disorder? Imaginary people?

It sounds like you may have an anxiety problem. I actually do the same thing, so it's not completely unusual. I usually have conversations with imaginary people when I have a problem to solve or when I know I am going to see that person later and am worried about where the conversation is going to go.

I also have overanalysation problems, particularly with conversations and what that person is likely to be thinking about me after the conversation is finished. In alot of cases this is natural, but if you are overly worried about the outcome of conversations there may be something wrong. Also, laying awake in bed at night thinking about your problems can be very normal, if they are stopping your from getting a good nights sleep or causing you a greater level of anxiety than normal then again this could be a problem. I often lay awake in bed at night and it's like my thoughts just won't shut up, I will be thinking about one thing and then something else will pop in there and then something else and it makes it very very hard to get to sleep.

On a couple of occasions I have had really stupid things pop into my head and then just repeat themselves. It's really weird, from the time I was about 12 until I was in my 20s my head kept asking me how old I was, I don't know why it did it. Now I have a number stuck in my head and it's been there since my early 20s (I'm 33 now).

It seems that you are very self aware of what is happening. Have you had any panic attacks or strange feelings or other physical symptoms?