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Re: Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.

to clarify, hes on vacation for a week but no openings til the 4th. whatever... im soryy to hear what you are going through. i plersonally dont speak to my real dad. ive seen him on rare occasions, but hes very quick to dismiss the conversations. so whatever. this is my dilemma with that. right now i feel as though if he were to pass away, it wouldnt affect me. i think you are making the right decision to met him. even if things dont go the way you anticipate, at least you will know in your heart that you tried and did what you needed to do to get some closure. ive tried this. and while i didnt get all of the answers i wanted, it was enough for me to say to myself, well thats over and now i can move on. he is not willing to have a conversation past that one. so on one hand he is my dad, but there was never any kind of connection there so im not sure that i have any feelings for him.. whatever you decide to do, is up to you. just try to remember to keep an open mind. if you dont get out of it what you want, yuou can move forward from there. best of luck to you. and let me know how it goes. when exactly are you meeting him? ill say a prayer for you. lots of hugs!

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