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question for those here with pdoc/therapist

I have been seeing my pdoc for 4 months now. Part of my program includes assignments that he gives me to complete in between sessions. Most have been pretty easy as they have not required that I interact or in any way include anyone but myself in the completion of the assignment. However, after our last session my assignment was to pick the one person I trust the most and open up to them about something personal in my life, it doesnt have to be a big thing but just something that I would normally bear the brunt of dealing with by myself rather than seeking a support system.

A couple of questions, have any of you ever been given "outside" assignments from your therapy? I have tried therapy off and on unsuccessfully in the past and never had this sort of thing. Have any of you if you did have assignments not complete them? I am struggling to complete this assignment for many reasons and that is adding stress because I don't know what the consequences are for failure. My last question I guess is if you have had assighnments like this were they helpful?

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