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Talking Hurray! A doctor thats willing to listen to ME!

Just a quick update on my situation. After faffing around with doses wily nily I started from scratch back down to 25mcg with a view to having bloods checked in 6 weeks and then see where I go from there.

Well I have finally had bloods tested after 6 weeks on 25mcg and - as many here said - not much has happened. My T4 has went from 12 to 13 in a range of 10 - 19 (minimal improvement) and my TSH has went from 1.82 to 2.95 (I cannot work that one out at all!). They didnt test T3 this time for some reason. I did not take my med the day before the bloods were taken or on the morning of the test (took it immediately after though).

Anyhow after my labs were looked at I was called and told to stay on current dose and re-test in one year! Emmm no I wont be doing that so I phoned surgery up and spoke to a doctor and said please just listen to me. I want to get my T4 up to about 75% of the lab range and ideally would like my TSH to be closer to 1. I am only on 25mcg and would like to go to 50mcg for 6 weeks then re-test see where my numbers are (AND how I feel) and take it from there.................and she said yes thats no problem!!! Hallelujah!! I expected a lot of resistance but this doc was great she said that because they have so many thyroid tests coming in that ANY WITHIN THE LAB RANGE WILL BE TOLD TO STAY ON CURRENT MEDS AND/OR THAT LABS ARE NORMAL. How scary is that? I said well Im aiming for a specific level within those labs and I would like this noted in my file as I dont want to self medicate and would rather we were working together. Im gobsmacked that she said yes but glad too that Im not doing this on my own. So 50mcg for 6 weeks then see what bloods say - I am hoping that I will see a marked improvement on this dose - if not then a higher dose may be needed but Im taking my time and being patient. I do feel a teeny tiny bit better within the last 3 weeks and am aware that a dose increase might make things flare up again for a short time.

I still cannot understand why the private doctor that I initially saw (considered one of the go to docs in UK) would recommend that I increase my dose by 25mcg every 3 weeks but I will not make that mistake again. Slowly slowly catchy monkey!

A positive story about GP's - not many of them on here which is a crying shame. Still cannot understand why TSH has went up - any thoughts?

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