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Smile Daughter possibly has aspergers, finally getting tested age 10!

Hi there, I am new to the boards. I have 2 daughters one who is now 10 and im almost 100% that she has aspergers. There has always been something ever since she was a toddler. Nursery blamed parenting and couldnt cope with her as she wouldn't sit in a group or listen for storys and needed 1 to 1 attention. In year 1 her class teacher said she had very long tantrums (which obviously were happening at home too) he said he thought she could have some autistic traits but said they dont do anything until the age of 7 so i left it.
We have basiaclly heard nothing from school since then except some behavioural issues, now though age 10 everything is all happening at once. Ive always known her to be very social (almost over social) as she has lots of friends, gets bored with them quickly and moves on to the next, she knows all the adults and will get close to people very fast (hugs ect). She does not give much eye contact and does not sit still always twiddling or twirling her hands. Now though im learning that she is being teased although most of the time she doesnt let this get to her. She is more likely to get stressed over something minor and have a major tantrum about it which she will cry, scream and lash out and will do it anywhere.
She cant stand it when trying to get her point across and someone wont listen to her, whch not so long ago resulted in a lunchtime assistant getting hit with some chairs as she had turned her back on my daughter who was trying to tell her she hadnt lied.
She struggles with daily tasks such as brushing her teeth ect if i dont tell her what to do she wont do it. So every morning i basically have to go through every step.
So hygiene lacks when im not around and she often looks untidy quickly.
Im really worried about when she goes to high school (1 more year to go) as she has never been good with change.Sometimes she is okay if prepared its things out of the blue which i cant control which are more likely to affect her.
She hassnt got set routine as such although she will always get dressed under her covers on a school day, and will play the same computer game when she gets home. We have her 1st camhs appointment in about 7 weeks and im worried about how to discuss her infront of her although she will say herself she thinks she feels and thinks differently from others.
I have told her we will be going to an apointment to see if there is a reason why sometimes she does things that she cant help doing.
But it is still hard, overall she is my gorgeous lovely caring child always so appreciative about the little things and she is very creative i dont want her thinking she has got a problem so i hope we can discuss it in a way that we can learn to help her and help her see that it is not a bad thing.
I could have gone on for longer here but there would be so much to say .

Basically i just wonder if anyone else has a girl with autism/aspergers and how they have gone about the process of getting a diagnosis and how and when to tell them?

(i actually meant the smile to go here :-) anot not at the side of the thread title!!)

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