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Re: Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.


Okay girl, lets find some Silver Linings...

1. The knee will get better/stronger and that pain takes your mind off the addiction pain some. If you have any questions about knee stuff or PT, throw 'em at me, I've had 16 Bilateral Knee Surgeries, repairs, revisions, reconstructions, rebuilds, microfractures, cadaver transplants, you name it...LOL..I think I can take my own knees apart at this point and put them back together again. I do know some lil tricks of the trade that can help get through the pain and PT though.

2. The bills will be there, when the money is, "When you get it, they'll get it", if they don't like it, tough. Don't let them hassle you. Late bills won't destroy your credit, it takes months to lose a car and up to a year or more in this economy to lose a home. If you can send them $1 or $5 a month, your showing legal proof of payment and willingness to work with your debtors.

3. The hubby - your going to let him worry about fixing him remember.

4. Your an addict in recovery, doing whatever it takes to stay clean, your strong, awesome and fighting like hell to take care of your kids, work, take care of your husband and live your life. No shame in any of that....You are a rock star!

5. Your 14 yr. old daughter is normal! thankful for that.

6. Your 17 yr old son is graduating from High School and going to college! WOOHOO!!! Way to go MOM, that took some love and support along the way!

7. Dang, sorry I'm not a dog person. LOL

8. Your getting to meet your dad, and however it goes, you'll gain something you want/need from it.

Lock the dog in the laundry room, ignore the grouchy daughter, let the hubby take care of himself, run a really hot bubble bath and let yourself relax for a bit. The world will still be there when you get back....

Stay strong, I'm amazed at all your managing and staying sober on top of it...that is amazing.


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