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Re: Family Support

Vindicated777.....That is wondeful that your wife is supporting you through it all, if it wasn't for our spouses, I know I couldn't get through this, with his encouragement, help and the tremendous help he does for me, he goes to work and then he does the shopping..he does make me get out sometimes which is the only part I don't like... lol... I'm glad I found another person from Tennessee.. it's really nice to meet ya.. Yes sticking with it is really hard but a must.. I'm at the appeal process right now, and the waiting game s hard, I'm hoping with me filing my appeal and them sending me something saying my condition has worsen and I had to fill out more papers is going to help me, even though I didn't put anything diff at all, but like someone said, someone new looked at it the sec time. but I still don't understand it.. Vindicated777... I wish you luck and I'll be thinking and praying for you...its like a big family here, again good luck and keep me posted on how things are going for you