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Re: I just need to ask and say this

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me it would be my family that keeps me going. I have two small children and I know they need me. I do my best to be there for them even when I have to literally force myself to get up and do it. I have a hubby that I love dearly, but he doesn't really understand what I'm going through. I never had this much pain until I herniated discs in my neck. My knee and other things were more manageable. My parents, whom I love dearly, try their best to understand. They seem younger than me at this point. I also have hope that my surgery next month will at least help with some of my pain. Its a starting point anyways. I either get better, stay the same, or gulp...get worse. I won't know until its over. These are my thoughts, but I in no way have the kind of pain that some of the others have. I am interested to see some other replies! :-)
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