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Re: I just need to ask and say this

Thanks for the responds, yes Kat I was born in Germany but not in Ramstein, i just like the Band back then, I came to the states in 95 to work for that German company in SC.
I always loved the US and in 2005 I became a citizen, still working on that grammar
thank God for a spell checker lol.
I played soccer for most of my life, now coaching a girls team, after 8 knee surgeries i hung my cleats on the nail so to speak 4 ACL reconstruction and the rest meniscus repair. my last one came from an accident at work, in 2010 I stepped on a Laser Table into a hole and twisted the knee. so my first surgery back in Germany in 88 i kinda had to live with the pain, they gave me some brown drops i don't remember what it was, tasted like Jaegermeister
but never became addicted, well besides the Beer, dang those Germans you may say.
I'm not drinking anymore, its in my genes i guess to become addicted to stuff real quick,
so here i was on Lortabs again after 3 knee surgery in a year, first time they gave me Percs for 6 months they said the pain will go away, nope it didn't, different doc another MRI and another surgery still not fixed more pills, no results those where both Arthroscopic surgeries, next anothe x-ray another MRI they looked at the pictures from the surgery and he said be a good idea to get that ACL reconstructed again, i said ok, PT, pain, pills no answers from the Orthopedic the pain will pass he said, I said to him, listen i had those surgeries before the pain was gone in a week, all this time nothing I can't work can put no weight on it, so they gave me this test, capacity evaluation something, anyway, its all workers comp, just before i took the test a lot of people told me to get an attorney, so I did........everything is so slow, but i didnt want to see that Orthodoc again, so i went to my Fam. Physician he puts me on Lortabs and after my first fill i ran out to fast, imagine why, so now for my second Cold turkey quit, im done with the opiates. (day 4) lol symptoms aren't that bad just some insomnia, Ibuprofen, vitamins, hot showers and lots of water will do the trick, and a strong mind I guess, i could pick up the lortabs on monday but i already called CVS and told them to toss it, called my Doc and he called me back and ask are you sure I said yep, from what i read on here I'm just a little minnow with that pain, he laughed and said good for you buddy oh and my Level is at 5-6 while no weight is on it, thanks y'all for letting me rambling about it have a great night
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