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Re: I just need to ask and say this

I've had two of the knee surgeries...the minor ones! After the first I had PT and I kept telling my doctor that I still had pain. He would tell me to take Tylenol. I would cry to my hubby and suck it up and do the PT for a little longer and call the doc back. Take Tylenol, take three times I called!!! My hubby finally called for me and told them either call in something or I'm coming up there. Well, long story short after months of this non-sense I asked for another MRI and low and behold I had torn my meniscus two more times during my recovery. My doctor apologized a million times and I had the second surgery. I only went to one post op appointment and then my neck pain and 24/7 headaches started. Found out I have the herniated discs and I'm waiting until my son is out of school to have the surgery. June 25th is the date!!!! Finally...I started with this pain in Oct. of last year. What a nightmare it has been. Oh and my knee still hurts! lol I know that when I get my neck straightened out I need to go for that 2nd post op appointment I canceled! I wonder what fun is lurking in there now....maybe just scar tissue or something! :-) Good luck to you and never down play your pain. Pain is very different for everyone. The pain you feel is the pain you live with and you own it. Kind of the same thing Kat said I think, but something I like to tell people! Hope you feel better and good luck with all!!!
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