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Getting ready to undergo a Radical Nephrectomy

I am 24 years old and have just discovered that i am in need of a radical nephrectomy. I have had complications for the past 6 years with my kidneys but every Dr i was seen by, basically just told me it was my fault. That i must have had a UTI that led up to the infection. To take better care of myself and to have better hygiene (ummmm...yea right!! I'm borderline OCD!!!)
I'm pretty sure i know how to clean myself hahaha
Anyway...on April 24th i woke up at 3:30am in horrific pain. I couldn't stand up straight, had a high temp, couldn't keep down water, super dizzy. I was alarmed, but only partially. I have had kidney infections before, so i figured it was just that....well it only got worse through the rest of the morning, and when i decided work was out of the question, i called my sister to take me to the hospital. Now let me tell you...I have NEVER gone to the hospital for anything other that delivering my son. I never get sick, and almost always refuse meds for anything, inlcuding headaches. I am overall, in great shape, physically active in sports and healthy. Upon getting to the hospital, they ran tons of test. Found sepsis in my blood and noticed extreme swelling in my left kidney. After tons of scans and ultrasounds the finally came to the conclusion that my left kidney wasn't functioning, and hasn't been my whole life. My left kidney is like the Bramuda Triangle. Things go in, but nothing comes out. So it's basically one big bag of infection draining my body of energy and poisioning me. I also have a 10mm stone in my left and 2 4mm stones in my right. I was hospitalized for 5 days, and told i needed a nephrectomy. Luckily they're saying i will be able to do laparoscopic surgery, and that i'll only be out of work for a month (which i'm freaking out about, because my office may fall apart in my absense haha) surgery is scheduled in a few weeks...and if i;m being honest....i'm a little scared of the idea....
what i really want to know, is what i should expect after surgery. How long i should REALLY take it easy for. how were all of you feeling after? Drs can tell me all they want, what to expect, but i know you guys are the real experts, having undergone the actual surgery.
Thanks for your time, and reading my novel! haha
Prayers with all of you....
Jamie =]

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