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Smile Re: 5 months pregnant / Diagnosed with Giant Sclerosing Hemangioma ~ NEED INFO!

Well I'm happy to say that I'm currently 35 weeks along in my pregnancy. The growth has not given me any complications. I will be seeing a specialist after the pregnancy to evaluate the tumor and see what we can do from there. My thoughts are even though it is large, it is not giving me pain so I will likely not seek surgery. I apparently have the ability to grow strange things as I also have a 10cm fibroid. The original plan was to have a c-section for fear the hemangioma could rupture (although this is highly rare) the fibroid is in such a place where if I do need a c-section the uterus may not be able to hold stitches and I would need a hysterectomy. The birth plan now is to have a vaginal delivery where I push the baby to the birth canal and the rest is done with vacuum assistance. I'm going to trust that my body will do the right thing, and I trust my doctor has my best interest at heart! When I first posted this I really believed I wouldn't make it this far, but I'm happy to report things have gone very well considering! Thank you for your concern and sending happy thoughts your way!