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Hi, well this is my first post so not really sure what to put.

A few years ago i went through quite abit and i was just so lost i didnt really know what to do with myself i started to self harm. Id cut myself once and then found i was doing it once/twice a week and then every day sometimes even more. well i managed to stop. and recently i guess things have gotten too much again with work and just feeling down and some other stuff to i just ended up cutting myself again yesterday. i was shocked with myself and i felt really bad about it but it also helped too for once in my life i just felt something other than stress. It kind of reminded me of how when i was really low an id cut myself and then felt better. Dont really know how to explain how it feels when i do it. But anyway i dont mind self harming i just dont want to do it everyday. I mean if it helps (it does) then why should i stop again? Does anyone else know how im feeling? And maybe have any ideas how i can subside myself from cutting when i feel the urge.

Thanks for reading

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