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Re: Cutting

Self-harm like cutting is often a way of expressing and dealing with deep distress and emotional pain. Because hurting yourself in this way makes you feel better. It may even feel like you have no choice. Actions like cutting may be the only way or one of the few ways you know how to cope with feelings like sadness- self-loathing... emptiness- guilt and rage. It may help express feelings you can't put to words.

The problem is that the relief that comes from self-harming doesn’t last very long. Some of the things you would need to do to overcome this tendency would be to learn how to manage overwhelming stress and emotions. to identify your self harm triggers and get in touch with your emotions. You might use substitutes to replace the cutting sensation, like rub ice across the skin where you usually cut. You might consider talking to a therapist to help identify the root cause behind this... who could then help come up with appropriate coping techniques. wish you good luck!

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