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Re: Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.

good morning all! froglady, how did your meeting with your dad go? im anxious to hear about it. j
i feel a little down today. i guess im just having a hard time accepting the fact that i have to wait until june 4th to see a stupid dr. patience...... the time just seems to be dragging. im out of absolutely anything to help me thru. no opiates, no valium for the anxiety....etc. this sucks. i had my son outside all day yesterday and cooked a big late lunch/early dinner for my family and a few friends so yesterday wasnt so bad. but now i have to fing something to do everyday until the 4th! ugh.

i wish i could just go back to the days before i ever picked up a pill and was happy. why does this happen to people? how did it even happen? i had surgery. i gave someone who was dying a kidney!!! and this is what i got stuck with for 5 years. oh well.

i dont know what else to say, im just a little depressed and confused today and dont really know where else to go to tALK to someone. sorry if i babbled. have a good day everyone.