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Re: Need some help with my hashimoto's

Thank you so much for your response and encouragement!

It's been so frustrating to know that I don't feel right and couldn't get a dr to listen. I know my pcp is trying, which is a relief, but still feel like she doesn't know a lot about treating my issues! I also have polycystic ovaries and was reading on here last night that it's common with hypothyroid. I have had polycystic ovaries since I was 20 and am starting to think that I have struggled with my weight so much my whole life because I was undiagnosed hypo/hashi's. I would always tell my dr's that I thought it was an issue, since my mom and grandma both were hypo, and I would get the same response. I feel like they look at an overweight person and assume that they have to be eating like crap and not exercising so they go over nutrition and give the name of a book and tell you to put the work into it. I have trained for and finished 4 half marathons and love to exercise. I know how to eat right and exercise. UGH!!!

I am so thankful for boards like these to share info and get advice!