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Angina or Heart Attack?

Hi all, I'm new to this site <big wave to all>.

I recently had a very scarey incident. I had just got out of bed & I had stomach pain & a feeling of nausea. I also felt dizzy so I sat down. I called out to my husband that something was wrong. I saw yellow squares appear in the top of my vision, & that was all I remember before hubby bought me back round.

Apparently he had found me in the seat with my eyes wide open in a stare, & my body was stiff. He slapped my face several times & my eyes then rolled & closed, & my body went limp (like a faint). More slapping & he bought me round. He thinks I was out for a minute & a half.

We went to the walk in centre (in hindsight we wish now that we had called an ambulance) & the Doctor thought I had a stomach issue, advising me to use laxatives. I also went to see my g.p & he ordered two ecg's (one minute each) & nothing showed up. He then asked me to do a 24 hour ecg which showed a 15 minute period of heart cramping - which he believes is angina. He also noticed heart palpitations. I have now received a referral to see a Cardiologist but it's not until mid-July (I am going to try to push for a sooner last minute cancellation).

I've been doing some reading today & I've read that women experience heart attacks in different ways to a man - & have different symptoms. I'm now thinking that I might have had an undiagnosed heart attack. I have not been well since the black out, & the tight chests & breathlessness are becoming more frequent.

I was just wondering what everyone thinks? I'm scared to leave this too long in case it has ramifications - I read that part of your heart dies when you have a heart attack - leaving it can only make things worse.

Dee x

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