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Re: Scared to take Chantix

I also had heard to much about Chantix, even found a web sight where people posted about their bad experiences on it and I wouldn't dare try it. A lot of those people said they would rather smoke than go through what they are going through since they took that stuff. It causes a lot of people long term problems, long after they took that last one.

I had a friend that tried it but didn't tell anybody he was on it, I knew something was wrong with him by how he was acting so I asked him if he was on any new medications and he admitted to the Chantix. I got online and we looked it up and it was a real eye opener for him and he was madder than a hornet... so many negative things he was experiencing were side effects of that drug. That day was the last day he took them..

On the positive side, my former boss used Chantix to quit after many failed attempts before. He quit using it, said he had no side effects except for vivid dreams and he is still smoke free 3 to 4 years later..

My son in law also use it to quit with no side effects and he is still smoke free..