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Red face PLEASE HELP - 2 different diagnostics/treatments

I have an unilateral crossbite, and my bite shifted over the years so that my lower jaw goes to the left and my midlines are c. 3 mm apart. I also have difficulties opening my mouth wide, and my teeth have become unaligned so that I have 2 large spaces between my teeth that are 1/2 tooth wide. My jaw joints are often sore as well because I grind/clench my teeth at night. Needless to say, my face is not symmetrical, which is not attractive! actually, my jaw is lower on one side of my face that on the other, so that my profile pictures on either side look quite different.
I went to see 2 different TMJ experts, who made 2 different diagnostics and recommended 2 different treatments, and I am now totally confused!
The first dentist recommended an upper jaw extension, a splint to bring my lower jaw right and forward, and veneers to close the gaps in my teeth. He said that the treatment would take a total of 6 months.
The second dentist recommended that I wear a splint for 1 year to bring my lower jaw to the right, followed by braces for 1 additional year to realign my teeth.
What do you think? How do I figure out whether my lower jaw really needs to be brought forward? Should I get a 3rd opinion? Obviously, the perspective of a treatment that would take only 6 months and would not require braces is quite enticing. At the same time, I am concerned that it may be less sustainable over the long run.
Please advise. Thank you so much!

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