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Re: Cutting

I am sorry to hear of your struggle. with a situation like self-cutting it does become important to confide in someone you can trust to offer support and understanding. Would you be able to do that with someone in your family or in your life?? certainly do consider seeking professional help from a good therapist.
You are trapped in an emotional state, but the trauma needs identifying and resolving and therapy would help you a good amount with that.
It can become a compulsive habit.Do not forget that you could end up giving yourself a dangerous cut or a badly infected wound. If your pain and its root causes don't get adressed- you could put yourself at risk for major depression down the line.
A good therapist should be able to track what may have caused you this condition and suggest coping techniques that would be appropriate. if you cut to express pain and emotions, or do you cut to calm and soothe yourself? Do you cut because you feel disconected and numb?
I mentioned putting ice across your skin. you may also try putting a rubber band on your limbs and snapping them instead of cutting. wish you recovery, hon!

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