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My trouble with bloating?

I'm 18 (male) and I've been suffering with extreme bloating/distention for months now. I noticed it around November last year, and it came about when I started weight lifting after a hernia surgery a couple months before.

My stomach will distend after I eat and stay that way for the whole day. As well as that, I've noticed my stomach making strange gurgling sounds and I also experience excessive gas. I saw a GP a couple months ago who took blood test for conditions like celiac disease, however they all came back negative. Since then, the doctor didn't give me any advice to help so I've booked an appointment with a different GP to try and take a food intolerance test or see a dietitian

I did try and eliminate possible problem foods (fodmap diet), as I believed I may have wheat, gluten or dairy intolerances. Even only after about 4 days I noticed a difference. The gas improved 100%, the gurgling noise stopped, however I was still bloated. I went on and off with the diet for a couple weeks, and a few days ago gave up. Since then, the gas has returned and I have experienced the gurgling noise again.

Does anyone have any clue as to what the problem may be? Honestly I feel depressed on a daily basis because I have a pregnant belly even though I'm not fat at all. All my work at the gym is made redundant by this, and at the minute I feel as if it's ruining my life because I'm more self conscious than ever.

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