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When to see ENT?

So here is my little story, ok maybe not so little. Just over two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Viral Labyrinthitis after a nasty flu. I woke up thinking I had just had a big night drinking which was strange since I don't drink. Went to hospital emergency where they saw the nystagmus and diagnosed me. Was in bed for the next 3 days only able to get up with my husband's help. After that I was able to get around the house ok but still very off balance. Only got to start showering standing up late last week. While most of my symptoms seem to be gone I am still getting very jumpy vision when I am outside. I am finding it hard to negotiate crossing roads because when I look both ways before I cross I have to wait a moment for my eyes to catch up with my head movements or I feel off balance. The only way I can describe what I see when I am walking down the street is that it looks like I am looking through a video camera (jumpy). I am wondering how long I should wait for this symptom to go away before I look into seeing an ENT? I am fine in my little house but outside is very different. I understand it can take weeks or months to get back to normal with some unfortunate sufferers taking years. Just wondering when is long enough before I start to worry about long term?

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