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"Problem Child"/FTD

Apparently my mother presents a real problem to nursing homes and rehabs; already we've been kicked out of one and rejected by a number of other nice ones, and now she's being called on the carpet at the not-so-nice rehab for her "behaviors." Not only does she not participate in therapy on the regular basis, but she yells, screams, insults, and repeats herself.

More and more I'm convinced that she suffered damage to the frontal lobes of her brain in that fall, resulting in (chronic bilateral subdural hematomas and thus) disinhibition and loss of impulse control, and there's NO CURE; they keep treating her like a "psych case" and trying to throw heavy-hitting antipsychotics at her. She's not "psychotic"; she just can't tolerate discomfort and says so... Often... Loudly... And rudely...

It's really very hurtful when staff praises her quiet little roommate for being so "good" and shoots my mother dirty looks for raising a ruckus; hello, she can't help it. She has BRAIN DAMAGE. Can I get an "amen"?

Never has she had an MRI/PET/SPECT or anything but non-contrast CTs (most of which have been inconclusive due to "motion infarct," since she can't sit still when agitated). It seems as if the whole world is geared toward AD and no one -- not even professionals -- can comprehend the FT dementias, which manifest so differently and really more disasterously.

At any rate, rehab keeps hinting that her days are numbered, and that's just fine with me. So not fair to label my formerly sweet, docile mom a "problem child." Again... Is there anyone else out there dealing with an atypical dementia? Anyone? I see threads in archives about FTD, but...

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