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Unhappy Re: Cutting

yeah ive considered going back but its a ling process and it means i have to try and accept that im depressed again. i dont know why has life go so many ups and downs. Well in my case more downs than ups.. Its like a load of pathways to choose from and if you take the wrong path you have to deal with it there and then. You either get the right path or you dont.
i never thought about it that way. I giess its just as hard for them as it is for me.. It just seems easier to not talk about it and keep it to myself than to let people know it feels a though if i tell. It will be like im bragging about it and it certainly is nothing to brag about. im not proud of what i do. Im ashamed. I just want help but dont know how to seek it.
Today ive confided in a friend from work she suffered depression. She does harm herself but she just seemed to know the right things to say an even though i disnt actually say alot it fwlt like i dis if that makes sence. Like there was obly 4/5 sentences that came out my mouth but it fel tlike alot more