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Unhappy Panic attacks post stroke

Hello everyone! I am so glad to have found this forum. I have been reading posts for days and they have provided such comfort. I hope that I will be of help to someone as you all have been for me.

I am a 49 yo female and was admitted to the hospital on 3/17/12. As I collapsed that day, I remember saying that it was not just vertigo. In the hospital, they informed me that I had ha 4 strokes, 3 in the cerebellum and 1 in the ociptal lobe. I suffered weakness on my left side in my arm and leg. I went through therapy and have recovered very quickly, physically. I planned on returning to work 5/15/12.

Since that day in the hospital, I have had what was 2 1/2 months later diagnosed as, anxiety attacks. I was referred to a therapist who proceeded to help me with understanding and accepting that I had had these strokes, and there was nothing found in the tests to suggest why I had had them and that I should not stop living to wait for another storke that may never happen.

Armed with this information, I returned to work and suffered the worst panic attack I have had since the strokes. I did not return to work. I saw my doctor a few days later informed her that I could not return until we worked on my panic attacks. I told her that it was like my brain could not handle the constant ringing of the telephones around me, the talking, people walking around and past my cubicle(I work in a call center). She(PCP) referred me back to my therapist who informed me that I would need to go back to work immediately and work through it.

I told her that I didn't feel that I was ready to handle all of this right now and that perhaps if I could get something to alleviate the attack or to help with dealing with it when it occurs, I would be glad to go back, as I have been bored to death at home. My PCP refused and so did my therapist stating that I needed to "dive back in and use the tools provided". They did not want to load me up with anymore medications.

They basically told me that I may have to return to work before June 4th, the deadline my therapist forced me to accept, if my PCP did not agree that I should continue to be off from work for another 30 days.

My issue is that I have only been on the meds since 5/18 and I have been suffering mild panic attacks daily since leaving the hospital and have not been able to drive the 45 minutes to my employment.

I don't want to lose my job, jeopardize my health and the safety of anyone on the road. I just need more time. I was on FMLA until 5/15, now, I just don't know what to do.

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