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Re: "Problem Child"/FTD

I obviously wouldn't be opposed to a drug that would help her since, as I've stated before, we've tried at least a half dozen of them already! Many she simply cannot take because they're nephrotoxic, and she's at Stage 4 kidney disease; her best response to date was to the antidepressant Remeron but, again, it's damaging to her kidneys, so her nephrologist pulled her off it. From what I read about traumatic brain injury, particularly to the frontal lobes, no medication is really effective (esp. not those effective for AD) other than "sedatives" to keep her calm. I prefer to keep her calm environmentally. Hence, our absolute worst nightmare would be locking her into two weeks of geri-psych, particularly when there are only one or two more drugs we can safely try on her, and that can be done on an outpatient basis (or, for that matter, in her current rehab). All there is to do for a FTL dementia, according to the website I visited, is to keep them calm. Easier said some days than others, I agree. This is why it's so important, IMHO, to get an accurate diagnosis. Not all dementias all the same, and not all treatments "work."