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Re: Panic attacks post stroke

Welcome I am so glad you found us. Many of the symptoms you talk about are common with stroke. The panic attacks are common too. Just like Goldworthy said his head hurt because there was too much noise and activity around him. The brain is having to process too much and at a rate it can't do. Not ever just right now. You are so early in your recovery. Your poor brain has taken a hit and needs time to heal. As you read the posts you will come to realize your recovery is never over. Many of my symptoms have subsided as I continue to get stronger and stronger.
I found the relaxation yoga exercises really helped. I found a place in my home where I was in the quiet. Surrounded myself in things I love and in the beginning I would go there frequently. It helped me regroup. As my recovery has progressed I find I only go there maybe twice a day. Our bodies are creatures of habit. Make it a habit to relax and put your body in a relaxed state. As your healing continues you will be able to tolorate more and stress less. I know your board at home but is it too early to return to work? Our healing depends on the journey you take from this point. Do what is best for you. If you have to go back to work maybe shorter days to start. I dont know but I do know where you are now is not where you will be 6 months from now. You will continue to improve and progress as long as you move forward. Really try to get the panic attacks under control because the absence of panic and stress is the presence of healing and control. Please keep posting God Bless Mulchie

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