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Re: Successful Ablation for AVNRT

Hi everyone. I'm new to this health board, and that's because I'm new to any true health issues. My story is simple - I'm 38, never had any major health issues, used to go boxing 3 days a week, run 4, in great shape. About a year ago I started having some episodes where after bending down to pick up something from the floor, my heart would go into a frenzy for a few minutes. That happened 3 times, and thereafter, for no reason, my heart would go into a frenzy. I would have occasional PVCs. Saw a cardio, and then another, who put me on an event monitor, which caught an SVT going at 270 bpms. I was diagnosed with AVNRT, and recommended as a candidate for an ablation procedure to cure the SVT. Had it done in March of this year, and since then, have experienced very frequent PVCs. Some good days, but most I feel them every 4-8 beats. They're very noticeable. Electro and Cardio have assured me that they are totally benign given that my heart is very healthy (had EKGs, Stress Tests, MRI's, the works). I do get dizzy and lightheaded sometimes, but MDs don't seem to think there is a connection. I've read on some of these boards that some people have experienced lots of PVCs after ablations like mine. I'd be quite curious to hear of everyone's experience in that regard. By the way, I like my MDs, but they're now saying either live with it, get on beta blockers (which made me very tired), or have yet another ablation for the PVCs. Not ideal choices quite frankly. I've tried Magnesium for about a month (400mg), and that didn't do all too much to reduce the PVCs. I'm now trying CoQ10 and Vitamin E. I've also heard that acupuncture may help. Basically, I'm willing to try any good therapy to get back to who I was before these PVC episodes. I really don't want another procedure. Despite all that I read that PVCs, frequent as they may be, are harmless, they certainly don't feel that way throughout the day. Thoughts? Advice? This seems like a good place to get some. Thanks.