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Question This isnt normal is it? what is wrong with me?

I have been told I was a good baby, and little girl, but for as long as I can remember I
have had anger issues. I remember when i was in school I was always picking fights, disruptive, didn't abide by rules.

However now its much more worse.

I have major mood swings, one minuetes I could happy, and withen a second I'll be angry at world for no reason. The next I'll be crying. When i get angry i tear up the house such as throw things hit walls anything. Theres times where i do not want to be bothered, I want to be left alone, not talked to or even touched or flip out.

There is also times where i am happy and feel like nothing can bring me down, I can go on only three hours of sleep and still feel refreshed the next day as if I slept all night. I have thought about suicide, but never gone through with it. There's times where i feel like failure, a BAD mom, worthless. I also get paranoid that people are mad me if they don't talk to me, or if I'm in public places if someone is looking at me and is talking I automatically assume they are talking about me.Even though I don't know for a fact they are. There is times where I always want sex, and most of the time I don't want it. I always yell,.

Erm and there is times where i ....yeah this will sound i said there's times where i have felt as though there was a preasene (don't know how to spell) like there is somone in the room when there's not. Um I think this is about it. That i can come up with.

I have been on depression medications before but it didn't work so i don't think I'm depressed. Can anyone help me??

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