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Re: Panic attacks post stroke

Wow Janet, that was right on point. I thank you for your welcoming words. There are days that I believe the doctors ---everything is back to 'normal'. Then, the stuttering begins, unable to recall events, unable to find the words I'm looking for, headaches when I try to read or read too long, know the list continues. Then I remember, oh yeah, I had a stroke. Fortunately, it's not a setback when I remember, it just explains why things are happening to me and I tell myself "it will get better". Of course, I get impatient, as I'm sure we all do, but I look back to where I was two months ago and see how far I've come and know that the road ahead is an adventure of re-discovering myself and reshaping the person I used to be, to the new and improved Cheryl.

Thank you again.