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Re: Angina or Heart Attack?

Hi Dee Dee,

So sorry to hear about your scary experience. Yes, women do present with heart attack symptoms that vary from a mans. Often time women present with mild chest discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Sadly many women (and even some men) and not taken seriously and are passed off as having indigestion.
In most cases an ECG can show signs of a previous heart attack. Did your PCP draw your blood? If there has been a heart attack often time cardiac enzymes are elevated which can help with diagnosis. Angina, also known as chest pain, is usually a warning sign of cardiac concern. It doesn't always mean heart attack but could indicate signs of coronary artery disease which can eventually lead to heart attack.
Keep trying to get an earlier appointment. In the mean time talk with your PCP about cardiac enzyme levels, fish oil supplement, and 81mg aspirin regimen.
Take care.