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Question Ultrasound results - worried :(

I saw a gynecologist today and he said my Uterus is the size of if i was 2 1/2 months pregnant. I also have a 2.0 cm complex cyst on my right ovary. The results of the Ultrasound say - The Uterus measures 11.2 cm sagittal x 4.7 cm AP x 5.0 cm transverse. The endometrial cavity is slightly thickened at 1.2 cm. There are nabothian cysts in the cervix. The right ovary measures 4.2 cm x 2.6 cm x 3.6 cm. It contains a 2.0 cm diameter hypoechois structure suggesting a complex cyst. The left ovary measures 2.2 cm x 1.8 cm x1.5 cm and has normal appearance. No free fluid is identified.
I am moving in approx 5 weeks overseas so a repeat ultrasound is not really an option right now. So i am scheduled for a Hysteroscopy with poss D&C and a Laparoscopy for the 4th June. I am a little scared to be honest. I have had right lower side pain for a few months worse with periods. I also urinate a LOT. My periods other than being pretty heavy and a lot of clots, seem to come regular. I am 44 years old. Am i worrying unneccessary? I have read about other women with an enlarged Uterus that is about 3 months in size getting a hysterectomy. Is this something i should poss expect to be needed or am i over reacting? I just found out yesterday and all this was scheduled today so not really had much time to think about it.

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