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Re: Brostrom (Ligament reconstruction) - Return to Work

Thank you so much for your comments! What a difference between your first surgery and your second. I actually injured my ankle over 30 years ago, and re-injured it numerous times thereafter. I consulted various orthopedic surgeons over the years and most were unsure of how successful the surgery would be. They'd send me to physical therapy and it seemed it didn't help much. Finally got to the point where I couldn't walk without pain. I opted to go to foot/ankle speciailist and what a difference! He was shocked at the "give" in my ankle and said I would definitely have a good result from the surgery - maybe not to the high level of sports I had been in my youth, but enough for me to resume sports in general. Believe it or not, the pain I experience now is about the same as before the surgery - but it's surgery pain! So happy I did this, but I guess I'm wanting the recovery to be quicker. Again, thanks for sharing your experience with me.