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Help me- Neuritis vestibular

Hello i am a Spanish boy recently diagnosed with vestibular neuritis. My symptoms started a month and a half.

These symptoms are: I spend all day and "in other world" confusion, inability to focus well in markets.Continous Irealidad sensation.

These symptoms are from the moment I wake until I go to bed. Apart from the feeling of "in other worl" every time I move my head or I'm moving, I feel like my perception is changed, ie things are not my head still and move if not moving when I move my head .

Are these symptoms normal vestibular neuritis?

My question is because these symptoms started suddenly one evening while on the computer. I the night before I begin these symptoms marijuana consumers but in the morning I woke up and it was perfect until the afternoon when the symptoms began.

Could have been related to marijuana? so although I was diagnosed with right unilateral hypofunction associated with neuritis I think it really could be a depression or psychogenic dizziness.

The caloric test results:

44L (left ear to 44 degrees) freq =52 spv = 14,1
44R (right ear to 44 degrees) freq = 36 spv = -6.9

30L 41 freq = -18.2 spv
30R freq = 44 spv = 12,5

spontaneous: 0

SPV un weakr : 25 %
So here the doctor said it was a right unilateral hypofunction of 25%.

The three tests also made ​​me more:

1 - vemps (100 decibels): results right ear p1 = n1 = 27.67 17.33 = 34.66 amp

left ear p1 = n1 = 18.67 12.67 = 48.14 amp

2-audiometry: normal

3 - Test Impulsive Cephalic: the doctor saw that by doing so the eye is directed to the left. (The saw using a vectonistamografia)

I have 23 years, I'm allergic to pollen. more concerned with what I have is the feeling of "being out of touch" some blurred vision especially when there is less light that makes me feel weird in dim light.

I am currently rehabbing with the Semont ball.

Could be linked with depression all from the consumption of marijuana?

When I was little I had infection in right ear, I think I have been hypofunction always have and therefore, these results also did a little 25% is not it?

Additional information: I have not had spontaneous nystagmus at any time. I did a brain scan (CT) and came out normal. Normal blood analysis.

In no time I had nausea, vomiting and imbalance. My balance is perfect

My doctor says it's vestibular neuritis neuritis but on the first day imbalance causes nausea and I have not had those symptoms.

Only continuous dizziness, feeling drunk to go, be gone, blurred vision especially at night.these symptoms are worse in supermarkets or in places with many lights or movement

I can not remove or night or day. Any advice?

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