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Re: Transition to boot & PWB

Originally Posted by augirl423 View Post
So we are completely skipping PWB and going to full. This makes me nervous, but the pain isn't horrible. It was really weird feeling at first - like pins & needles on the bottom of my foot, but that's better now. I am still using my crutches to help me out some. I am really impressed with how well my incision has healed since my last appointment. I came home & took a great bath, shaved & exfoliated my leg - felt SO good! Second surgery will likely be July 11th or close to that.
Wow, be careful going to FWB so quickly...and definitely keep the crutches handy....the heel/bottom of foot was hard for me too at first. I'm glad your incisions is healing. I had the boot on after my surgery and it rubbed in the incision - they finally put me in something else, but it took that part of the incision longer to heal! And I know what you mean about the first bath! Amazing, huh?