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Re: Peroneal Tendon Subluxation ?

Thanks for the replies ladies. I go back to see the PA on Tuesday, along with the PT, so hoping to bring this up then. I'm just a newbie at medical terminology, because I'm taking transcription editing courses, and subluxing peroneal tendons was a new one for me Actually, all of this has sparked an interest, and now I may pursue orthopedics transcription. Glad your doctor was able to tell that's what was going on with you. In the last couple of weeks, the tendons have not really bothered me, but my ankle feels very stiff when trying to dorsiflex or invert my foot, and it is very hard to tell visibly if the tendon is subluxing or not, because it is still swollen in the ankle and area of the lateral malleolus.

I don't hear or feel the popping anymore, but my range of motion is limited, so it's hard to tell. However, I really did notice the problem a few days after my sprain. My ankle felt loose, and when my foot would move in certain directions, but especially in any type of circular motion, I could feel something slipping and catching. It felt like a sort of 'painful slither' from somewhere in my foot all the way to my calf. That's the only way I can really describe it. The pain would shoot all the way up my leg. It felt like something was slipping over the malleolus from one side to the other and it was VERY painful for quite a while after this would happen. It would even do it if my foot turned too far down or to the side in the middle of the night. The area around the lateral malleolus is still quite swollen and 3 or 4 times the size of the one on my 'good foot', so visually it is hard to see if anything is moving. If the tendon had slipped, could it slip back into place and stay there?...or is it only a matter of time before the symptoms return? I guess I'll find out next week. Got my fingers crossed that he'll take me seriously this time.