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Need opinion... Pursue dx or not?

Hello. I have read several boards but this is the first time that i am logging on to post. I am thoroughly frustrated and confused.

I have hashimotos and another AI disorder as well. My mother has MS and I have a cousin with celiac. I have had gi issues for quite some time now, mostly constipation but sometimes very loose/diarrhea. I also have some other symptoms (although these could be symptoms of most anything) including teeth enamel defects, several allergies, reoccurring mouth sores, headaches, middle back pain (that has started since I began taking stool softeners for constipation), acne, occasional hives.

I asked my general dr for a blood test. It was kind if an argument because he didn't feel it was necessary, but eventually ordered one. This is what I got back:

Gliadin IGA 3
<20 negative
20-30 weak positive
>30 moderate to strong positive

Immunoglobulin A. 184
Reference range 65-421

This was all that I got back. According to what I've read, this is not a full celiac panel result. But... I guess I'm not all that sure. What I really need to know is, how do you think I should proceed from here. My doctor thinks I just need to treat symptoms and move on, but I don't know if I should be comfortable with that.
Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks.

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