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Re: Withdrawal from Atenolol

Hiya ima..

For what this is worth ..... it seems to me that atenolol actively conditions your heart to do things it was never originally intended to do. It works .. in my view .... like an engine limiter and dumbs down everything. so when you withdraw the heart and ever heart is different has to re learn its original function. It aslo seems to me that when you stop atenolol and start to panic, the panic is doubly worst becasue the adrenal receptors have been inactivated by atenolol withdrawal so when you painic or get stressed you are effected doubly worst if you get my meaning, and understandable you're panicing.

To be frank no one can tell you when things will stabilise. If it reassures you my symptoms and others ive read of take even longer. So don't lose hope because ithasn't subsided yet. Hang in there!

Im sorry this is badly typed but its on phone .....

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