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Re: electric/shock sensation while falling asleep?

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been having the exact same feeling for about 6 months now. Right as I'm about to drift off to sleep it feels as if I'm overcome by this feeling that I'm about to black out/die and my body sends this extreme distress signal to wake me up. It usually feels strongest right below my breastbone or where my diaphragm is. To be honest, I cannot tell if it is a heart problem or a stomach one. I used to get the electric shocks in my brain that would wake me up, but they've seemed to migrate towards my stomach now. Sometimes they shoot up my chest, other times they shoot down my body. They only happen when I'm about to fall asleep. Never during the day. Like you, I am terrified to go back to sleep when these happen because I fear I might not wake up.

I've had every heart test imaginable done, but everything came back normal. I had a sleep study done, and it was normal too. The symptoms come, I freak out, go to the doctor and they can't find anything. It's really starting to **** me off how they're discounting everything im trying to tell them. I would definitely get your heart checked out first. They can put a 24hr heart monitor on you and if you have one of these episodes and its a heart problem, it will pick it up. Unfortunately, I did not have any episodes when I was hooked up. I would also consider a sleep study if you can afford it (about 4 grand) insurance will pay for most of it. But again, I slept perfectly normal when i had my sleep study. But the very next night I went home, and these started happening again.

This leads me to my next point. I definitely think theres a psychological role in this. If something physical was wrong, after all the tests I've had, it would have happened while I was hooked up. It only happens when I'm not being monitered. It could just be an unfortunate coincidence, but i definitely think anxiety/fear plays a roll. My doctor prescribed me xanax to help me relax when these happen. It doesnt make them go away, but it does help me finally overcome my fear of going to sleep. When I had these electrical shocks in my brain, my doctor gave me a trial run of lamotrigine (epilepsy medication) This has seemed to work remarkably well. I no longer get the electrical shocks in my head, but like I said, they've seemed to migrate to other parts of my body now. I would explore all of these possibilities with your doctor before you worry yourself too much. Please let me know if you find anything. I will certainly keep you updated. This is very scary and I feel like it cant be healthy long term. Good luck!