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Unhappy Extreme electrical/spasm feeling in stomach upon falling asleep

Hello All,

for the past few months I have been having a very scary senesation right as I'm about to fall asleep. After I exhale, I am overcome by a feeling that im blacking out/dying, I get this extreme electrical/nervous feeling in my stomach and I'm abruptly shaken awake by a sudden jolt. The best way I can describe it is a distress signal trying to keep me alive. I cannot tell if it is a heart problem, stomach one, or a nervous system one. I always check my pulse immidiately after these happen, but it seems normal. Once the first one happens, I am scared to go back to sleep for fear that one of these jolts might stop my heart.

Basically it happens in this order: -onset of sleep. -exhale. -feeling that I'm passing out. -electrical shock/nervous feeling in my stomach. -jolt awake.

I've had every heart test imaginable done, all normal. sleep study, normal. These episodes only happen when Im not being monitered. It seems like a cruel joke.

I used to get intense electrical sensations in my brain and my doctor thought it could be localized epilepsy. I was prescribed lamotrigine, and the shocks have since stopped in my brain. But they migrated to my stomach. I've been doing some research on the vagus nerve, stomach spasms, nervous stomach syndrome etc, but these disorders don't really fit with what I'm experiencing. I feel like if my body wasn't jolting me awake, I would die. The blacking out feeling is something I've never expereinced before and I feel like if I just laid back and let it take me, I would be dead. It's very scary

My doctor thinks I'm crazy and has chopped it up to stress. I'm considering switching doctors because something is going on here and I cant live with it anymore. It's very hard being afraid to go to sleep.

A side note: I do have a history of drug/alcohol use in the past. I have since stopped to try and get healthy, but I feel like these episodes can't be good long term. I'm only 21! I dont want to live like this forever. Anyone with any information PLEASE HELP!

Thank you

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