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Re: Vestibular Migraine

Just a quick update on my progress.

I've just read through all your replies. It's quite interesting to hear all your stories.

It's almost been 2 years now since it all started. I tried numerous types of medication. Some worked a bit and some didn't. I got off Topamax pretty quickly as it made me feel "spaced out"

I got onto EPILEM 200mg about 8months ago i think, which has really helped me. I'm back at work and can do most things quite now. I used to play Basketball on a weekly basis, but can't anymore. I do occasionally play some Tennis and feel ok.

My Neuro had suggested 2 things to me which might help me out.

1-seeing a pyschologist to see if there are any underlying issues which could be contributing to my condition, as I have suffered from anxiety a bit in the past.

He also prescribed me with an antidepressant called "Zoloft - 50mg" to help ease my anxiety. I've since increased it to 100mg now.

2-Try to get active again ,and do some running/jogging.

I tried to see a Pyschologist but found it useless. They suggested meditation exercises.
I have taken up a Bootcamp style fitness course and i've found it quite helpful (i don't do any excersises which involve spinning around)

One thing I have noticed, is that if I can keep my mind preoccupied (doing the dishes, vacuuming, mowing the lawn etc..) I don't have any symptoms at all. But, as soon as I stop and start thinking about them, it all comes back and i start getting dizzy again.

Could it all just be in our minds?