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Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular

Hi Deftoniano. Vestibular neuritis is a common initial diagnosis when dizziness/imbalance symptoms suddenly affect a person whom has had no previous or recent ear problem or head trauma. Some of your symptoms seem similar to mine, and its extremely common to report worsening symptoms in a supermarket/mall/market because there are so many bright lights, colours and movement around you - too much information for your eyes to absorb. I also have never had nystagmus or nausea (except when in a car). I feel like i'm "in another world" and that worsens in dim light (difficulty with lack of contrasting light?). After years of research i now know my eyes cause my symptoms, not my inner ear.
If you feel instinctively that your eyes and vision are the cause and not your inner ear, then research visual vertigo, visual processing, sensory processing and vertical heterophoria as Ifanner suggested.

Good luck!