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Re: She aint heavy Shes my mom-Support Groups out there?

Originally Posted by Mulchie View Post
Hello Matt
God Bless ya for taking such good care of your mom. My heart goes out to you.
You defenetly need some help to relieve you and give you a little freedom. Being a care giver is not an easy job and one that can take its toll on a person.
When you mentioned your brothers are no help and they tried to blame you. Im so sorry for that. Blaming someone for a problem we should be helping with, makes the guilt a little less for that person. Its just not right and you and your mom deserve better.
I dont know of any support groups. Please research everything on the net and see whats available to you. Are their any neighbours or friends of you mom who would be willing to help out for an hour or two.
This stroke board is a great support group and Im glad you found us. dont apologize for rambling that is what we are here for. We are great listeners, we have big shoulders and we are all stroke survivors so we may have some helpful hints also. Please continue to post and let us know how your doing.
God Bless Mulchie
There maybe some friends of my mom but I feel like not asking for some reason. Guess I thought there would be some groups that will help out, like in hospice care(that I heard of from some customers at work.) And yes I will continue to search for help.

Right now I have worries that one brother the POA is planning to go for conservatorship. He is the business owner who pays moms bills, so there are people helping and so on. But sometimes the worries of someone doing the conservator are consuming my thoughts way too much and they are usually false. Most times I challenge the thoughts and other times I just say whatever you win worry have it your way, I dont care. I guess I get this from my days of anxiety that are coming back???
I have confirm that the POA just bought a property recently that I misinterpreted. I saw the lady with all the papers to sign and I said somethings up and started worrying. So now I dont have to worry too much about that subject. Matt

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