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Re: Nortriptyline/caffeine/decomp questions...

Just in case anyone is interested...

Both my doc and pharmacist said that nortriptyline is most likely not causing my issue. I had a rough morning... my ear issues have always triggered moments of low blood pressure for me, and this morning I had to jump out of the shower before I threw up or passed out. I'm carrying on with my day, with mild/mod dizzies, some ear pain. Taking pseudoephedrine to try to keep my ear/eustachian tube clear. They were quite sore yesterday. Praying this is a tiny blip... can't remember when my last decomp was.. I remember feeling yucky last October and then I realized how much anxiety was playing a part in my issues. Since then, as far as I can remember, I've been feeling amazing! Minus last few days, which hopefully don't last much longer.

Sending healing vibes to all... !!