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Re: I don't know what to do anymore


I'm sorry that you've experienced such long term problems, and that you can't afford professional help at the moment. The fact that you've articulated your problems in such an objective way (even though the source of the problems themselves sound unclear) suggests to me that you definitely don't have Asperger Syndrome.

You didn't mention whether you were on any medication, but from the range of problems you described I wonder if cutting out completely any alcohol, cigarettes, or recreational drugs of any kind might be beneficial. (I have no idea if you do any of these, just saying though...quitting everything gave me a much more balanced and calmer perspective on my own problems)

I'm afraid I can't really advise on a lot of what you're describing here because I have no experience of many of the things you mentioned, I hope you can pull through because you sound like a good person who is genuine, and deserves to get over this stuff.

Best of luck...

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